Anytime some information is uploaded to a cloud website hosting account or downloaded from it, some traffic is generated and this is a characteristic that each hosting package comes with. It is moreover one of the characteristics it is important to check, since what amount of website traffic allowance you will need is based on what exactly you need the account for. The traffic is mainly produced by downloads including web site visits. In layman's terms, whenever somebody visits your site, the web pages are downloaded from the server to their computer and they are afterwards shown by their web browser. It is also important to be aware that uploads matter as well, hence if you back up larger files from your computer to the server, some web site traffic will be generated as well. Different companies often have different names for this feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, still all of them apply to the exact same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info created for a given period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting
All of our Linux cloud website hosting are suitable for any type of small to medium-sized site or even a larger variety of web sites. Considering that you can host numerous domain names using one account, we have designed our plans in such a way so as to provide all features you will need. Whether you run a personal portfolio website or an e-commerce web site, our monthly site traffic quota that your site may use will not be a problem. In this way, you'll have the chance to expand your worldwide web presence and have lots of new website visitors without having to worry about reaching some cap. Our Hepsia hosting Control Panel will offer you in-depth info for the traffic usage to and from your account, that will allow you to manage all your sites as well as your account more efficiently. You'll be able to check hourly, daily and monthly stats, the website traffic produced by each individual domain and by the account as a whole, the most downloaded files, etc.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All our semi-dedicated server packages are intended to host various resource-hungry websites because they feature a lot of computing power. Such web sites typically generate a lot of site traffic and for that reason we have made the decision not to limit this characteristic. When you use a semi-dedicated server, it is possible to have as many site visitors as you can get without having to worry that you will reach a restriction for the traffic they can produce. For your benefit, you will be able to monitor what is going on in the account because we'll provide you with monthly, daily and hourly numbers for the traffic your websites produce. This means that, you will be aware of how they operate at any time. You'll even be able to see which web page or file has generated most of the traffic for each web site hosted in your semi-dedicated server account.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting
The monthly traffic quota which comes with our dedicated server packages is more than enough for any kind of website regardless of its type. Your web apps can generate terabytes of site traffic, which warrants that all of your website visitors will never notice any type of error message on your site resulting from limited allowance the way it may happen with other forms of website hosting. We also leave the possibility to upgrade your website traffic amount open, however it is highly unlikely that you will ever need it even if you want to operate a file sharing site or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel gives you precise real-time information how much data has been transferred for the month to date, and what amount of it remains before you get to the cap. We'll also alert you when you get to 90% of the quota in order to be on the safe side and prevent any downtime of your sites. The data in the panel contains the full traffic, including software downloads, so that it is more precise than the one in your hosting Control Panel where you'll be able to view details only about the traffic generated by web content.